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Serving all of Florida

We service all of Florida, with offices in Orlando, Tampa and Miami.

Our trucks are offer Live Streaming capability, great for Video Promos, Movie Night, Gaming Parties and so much more!


If you’re in the Orlando, FL area, and you’re searching for a proven method of advertising, then you can’t go wrong with Mobile Billboard Orlando. Your company’s ad will be on all 3 sides of the trucks illuminated bright LED display, with a superb surround system to convey your strong message. You’re able to spread your business across a large area of Florida, while still targeting specific regions for maximum efficiency.

Digital Mobile Billboard Truck Specs

  • 2 Side : 7 FT X 14 FT: Rear 7 Ft x 7 FT
  • All units are complete with lighting for effective night time advertising.
  • All units are equip with exterior speakers.
  • GPS tracker on all trucks.

Why does Mobile Billboard Orlando 
have great potential? 

In today’s market more people are leaving cable and switching to Netflix and Hulu which means little to no commercials. People are also listening less to live radio and more to YouTube, Pandora, Spotify and other online music platforms which means radio ads are declining as well.


Looking for a more traditional approach? Try our life-sized printed vinyl banners that sit on top of our trucks flatbeds. Aside from the static colorful still images, it also has a lighting system and external audio devices, which could playback music or messages continuously as they drive through the streets. Your message is effectively spread out during rush hours, traffic jams, and other major public events.

Static Mobile Billboard Truck Specs 

  • 2 Side banners: 10 FT X 22 FT: Rear 3 FT x 10 FT

Everything a brand needs to drive sales.

Mobile Billboard Orlando offers you a great cost effective way to reach your potential customers with ease. Note that, our trucks display your AD and keep moving all the time so your message keeps spreading to a wide range audience even in high traffic areas. You can track our trucks anytime. We offer 4 hours, Full day(8 hours), Weekly, monthly or any combination. Please call for a customize rate quote.

Media companies please call for our wholesale rate plans.

10 Second ADS

Displayed on all 3 sides, on a continuous loop.

Vivid Colors

Sides: 7 ft. x 14 ft. Back: 7 ft. x 7 ft. Surround Sound.

ADS that WOW

Send us your design or let us design for you.

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