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Mobile Billboard Orlando is a promotions and marketing company that specializes in mobile billboard advertising through-out Orlando, Florida. We service all of Florida, with offices in Orlando, Tampa and Miami. We provide both static and digital led mobile billboard trucks. Mobile Billboard Orlando provides services in graphic designing, and mobile advertising. Mobile Billboard Orlando is here to provide reliable and effective forms of advertisement to all of our clients.  

You must be curious to know why 
Mobile Billboard Orlando 
is such a great potential? 

In todays market more people are leaving cable and switching to Netflix and Hulu which means little to no commercials. People are also listening less to live radio and more to YouTube, Pandora, Spotify and other online music platforms which means radio ads are declining as well.

When compared with print ads, mobile billboard based ads are easily noticed by your  targeted audience at places where they live, relax or work! Apart from advertising, Mobile Billboard Orlando digital billboard trucks have the capabilities of live TV broadcasting. Great for sporting events, movie premiers, live streaming and more. 

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